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What is a Virus?
A virus is a manmade program or piece of code that causes an unexpected, usually negative, event. Viruses are often disguised games or images with clever marketing titles such as "Me, nude."
What is a Worm?
Computer Worms are viruses that reside in the active memory of a computer and duplicate themselves. They may send copies of themselves to other computers, such as through email or Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
What is a Trojan Horse?
A Trojan horse program is a malicious program that pretends to be a benign application; a Trojan horse program purposefully does something the user does not expect. Trojans are not viruses since they do not replicate, but Trojan horse programs can be just as destructive.

Barracuda Networks

Established in 2002, Barracuda Networks, Inc., is the worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances. Barracuda Networks also provides world-class IM protection, application server load balancing and message archiving appliances.

More than 50,000 companies, including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, L’Oreal, NASA, and Europcar, are protecting their networks with Barracuda Networks solutions. The company is privately held with its international headquarters and manufacturing facility based in Campbell, California. Barracuda Networks has offices in eight international locations and distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Barracuda Spam Firewall
Barracuda Web Filter
Barracuda Load Balancer
WatchGuard Firewalls

Businesses that depend on high-speed, always-on networks have traditionally paid a high price to keep those networks secure. Until now. Introducing the new WatchGuard® XTM 1050 high performance security appliance. The 1050 provides fully extensible, enterprise-class security at an affordable price.

Nod32 AntiVirus Software
NOD32 is a uniļ¬ ed Anti-Threat System™ that utilizes a single optimized engine to detect and protect against a wide range of evolving threats, including viruses, spyware, adware and even some phishing attacks — in real time, before signatures are available in most cases. NOD32 is the fastest, most accurate and lowest impact solution in the industry.
Imerva Database Security Gateway

TotalSecure & trade; provides complete network security against threats such as viruses,
spyware, worms and Trojans. Delivering comprehensive protection in an easy-to-use, affordable solution, TotalSecure is constantly updated with signatures that protect your network from the latest threats.

The TotalSecure bundle includes a powerful hardware firewall, a one-year subscription to Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention Service and Content Filtering Service; firmware updates and 8x5 support, for all-in-one network protection.

SonicWALL TotalSecure supports dynamic security services that provide your network with complete protection. With integrated support for Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention and Content Filtering, TotalSecure intelligently enforces and updates each of these services as new threats are identified.

Aventail® VPN

Aventail users receive transparent access to all resources—including Web-based, client/ server, server-based, and host-based applications (even complex applications like VoIP)—from the most platforms—including Windows, Windows Mobile, Macintosh, and Linux. And they are easy to control, because network managers can quickly deploy a single secure gateway to control policy for secure remote access to resources by all employees, customers, and business partners across intranets and extranets. Only Aventail Smart SSL VPNs are able to provide complete application access with full security, control of the end point, and unified policy management. Our patent-pending Aventail® Smart Tunneling™ technology enables a Layer 3 network connection over SSL.

This provides users complete secure access to corporate resources, with a firewall-approach “deny all” default setting. Aventail® End Point Control™ enables IT to interrogate the user’s end point device, and then enforce policy to authorize the level of appropriate access based on the identity and security of both the user and their end point environment. With its Unified Policy™ model, Aventail allows IT to control access policy for resources that automatically cascade across all associated users and groups, without the additional resource overhead of individual manual policy updates.


DigitalPersona Pro revolutionizes password management by delivering security with convenience through the use of fingerprints. Unlike other authentication methods, fingerprints provide an identifier unique to each person that cannot be lost or utilized by others.

The Windows-based client-server solution of DigitalPersona Pro replaces: • Passwords • Tokens • Smart cards for Windows-, domain-, application-, and Web page- logons with the simple use of a fingerprint. Single sign-on is implemented without the need for plug-ins or development for each application. And all data is centrally managed and stored using existing tools, providing a scalable solution for organizations large and small.

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